About us

Surprisingly, it’s not so easy to find a good bar in Barcelona. A city that's home to 1.6 million people, that welcomes up to 10 million tourists per year, and its not so simple to find a good bar. Incredible right?

Before we continue, we should clarify what we mean by a 'good bar'?

You know, the type of place where the decor is cool and different, but not too pretentious. A place where the quality is high, but the prices are not. A place where you are given a tapa to accompany each drink, but are not charged for it on the bill. A place where the staff are welcoming, but you don’t feel smothered. A place where, rather than take themselves too seriously, the owners take the customer experience seriously.

You get the picture .. basically, the type of place where the little things are done correctly.

Well, having been here 14 years, and having searched the city high and low, we couldn’t find a place that ticked all these boxes! So, in the spring of 2016 ... we decided to open it ourselves!

That’s our story.

So, the next time you're in Barcelona and someone asks you 'where are you going?' ... reply ‘Al Quinto Moño of course'.

Marco & Charles,

Owners of el Quinto Moño

Where are we?

We’re located in the city’s Eixample district; well, to be more precise, in the Gaixample district – spiritual home to Barcelona’s LGBT community. But that’s kind of irrelevant, because all our customers are guaranteed a warm welcome, whatever their personal preference. 


Want to have a look around?

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